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No matter where in Houston you live or what type of automobile you drive, when you want the highest quality comprehensive automotive repair, we are the company to call. We have been handling from the simplest to the most complex automotive problems Houston area drivers have for years. We provide fast, effective, excellent, automobile repair services at affordable prices. We have a well-trained, licensed, experienced staff with expertise in all areas of automobile repair. We also have the state-of-the-art equipment needed to repair even the latest model automobiles. 

We use computerized diagnostics to determine what is wrong with your automobile. Our highly-skilled, experienced, licensed technicians then use our state-of-the-art tools and equipment and the highest quality replacement parts to solve the problem and leave your vehicle in tip top condition and looking and running like new. No matter what type of problem you have with your automobile, we are the only company you need to call. We can get to you in a flash, fix your vehicle on the spot or safely transport it back to our facility to do the repairs. We can even help with your insurance claims. 

Body Work Services 

If you want to ensure your vehicle will continue to look its best and maintain its resale value, it's important to keep the body looking good. We are the Houston body shop you should turn to for all the body work services your vehicle needs. Our technicians use cutting-edge techniques, top quality paint and authentic replacement parts when they repair the minor dents and dings or major damage to your automobile. When they are done, your vehicle will look new. Other Houston body shops can't match the quality of our work or our affordable prices. We are the auto body shop you should choose when you want the best results. 

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Houston Body Shop

Complete Auto Repair 

Our experienced team has the training, tools and expertise to take care of any type of problem you are having with your automobile. Our comprehensive list of services include: 

  • Auto Body Repair 

  • Automobile Painting 

  • Auto Air Conditioning Repair 

  • Auto Glass Replacement 

  • Bumper Repair 

  • Electrical Repairs 

  • Engine Repair 

  • Pinstriping 

  • Wheel Alignment 

  • Wheel Repair 

  • Wheel Replacement 

  • Tire Mounting And Balancing 

Auto Body Shop Houston

Collision Repair Specialists 

We are the best body shop in Houston. We're the collision center Houston residents have long turned to for quality collision repair services. We can handle anything from simple fender bender fixes, hail damage repair, bumper repair, wheel alignments to complete car repainting. Don't just take your automobile to the nearest body shop. If you want the job done right, right away and at the right price, give us a call. No paint and body shops in Houston can match the quality of our work. When it comes to quality auto body repair, welding and car repainting, we are the Houston body shop you need. 

Auto Air Conditioning Repair 

To remain comfortable when the temperature gets hot in Houston, the air conditioning system in your automobile must be functioning at peak efficiency. Our team of expert automobile air conditioning system technicians will go over the system in your vehicle from top to bottom, identify and repair any leaks or other problems, replace all damaged or worn parts, recharge the Freon and have your AC blowing air as cold as an Artic winter. Don't leave your comfort in the hands of some random auto service shop. We can make sure the AC in your automobile is working at optimal efficiency. 

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Electrical Repairs 

Modern automobiles have very complex electrical systems. If they are not properly maintained and repaired, you can end up with serious electrical problems that can cause your vehicle to shut down or endanger the lives of its occupants. If you want to ensure all parts of the electrical system in your automobile is in good working order and any electrical problem you are having is handled properly, bring your vehicle to us. Our technicians receive advanced training in dealing with the sensitive, complex, electrical systems on modern automobiles and can make sure your vehicle's electrical system is functioning as it should. 

Body Shop Services

Collision Repair

Frame Repair & Replacement

Laser Guided Frame Measuring

Latest Welding Equipment for Aluminum/Brass/Steel/Plastic Repairs

Latest Paint Booth & Equipment (Guaranteed Color Match)

Mechanical Repairs

Maintenance Repairs

Computer Diagnostics

Hail Damage


Theft Recovery

Engine & Transmission Replacement

Automotive Painting 

We are the best body shop in Houston when it comes to automotive painting. Our professional automotive painting is second to none. No other auto paint shop offers the wide range of quality paining services we do. Compared to us, the other paint and body shops in Houston do substandard work and charge prices that are much too high. We are auto painting specialists with the experience, know-how and quality services that other Houston body shops try to copy. We are the auto paint shop that sets the standard for quality when it comes to auto painting. We may not be the nearest body shop, but we are the body shop Houston residents prefer when it comes to body repair. 

Auto Glass Services 

When they need any type of glass in their automobile repaired or replaced properly, we are the body shop Houston automobile owners have turned to for years. Whether they need a windshield replacement on a late model automobile, a side window installed on a classic car, or any type of window for any year, make or model of car, truck or SUV, we are the auto body shop they can depend on to handle the job. We can install or tint any size or type of automobile glass. Other body shops are limited in the windshield replacement or other types of automotive glass they can repair, tint or replace. We have earned a reputation for being able to find and install any type of automobile glass. 

Wheel Repair 

Whether you have been in an accident or ran over a road hazard and it left one or more of your wheels damaged, we can help. Our mechanics and technicians have years of experience repairing and replacing the wheels on vehicles of all types, foreign or domestic, new or old. Any kind of repair the wheels on your vehicle needs, we can handle it. It can be something as simple as tire mounting and balancing, an alignment or a complete wheel replacement. We have the tools, team and resources to take care of it for you quickly, affordably and properly. When you want your wheels taken care of properly, no other body shops can match the quality of our work. 

Complete Auto Repair 

We are much more than just a paint and body shop or an auto collision repair center. We are a complete automotive repair shop. When they need any type of vehicle computerized diagnostics, auto repair, fender bender fixes, hail damage repair, professional automotive painting, pinstriping, body repair, or a high quality auto collision repair, Houston residents have confidence in our ability to do an incredible job. For years they have trusted us to keep their personal, recreational and work vehicles looking great and performing at optimal efficiency at a price they can afford. 

Cho’s Auto Body Shop

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Incredible Technicians 

The backbone of the auto repair service we offer is our well-trained, licensed, experienced staff. They have made our auto service shop an industry leader. Our technicians are highly-skilled, prompt, friendly and professional. It is their expertise and commitment to quality that has helped us to earn our reputation for excellent work. They have made us the automobile repair, air conditioning, electrical services, paint and body shop that has played a vital role in keeping vehicles all over Houston in good running condition. It is our technicians that make us the company we are today. 

A Commitment To Customer Service 

Keeping our customers happy is the key to our success. From the first phone call until the customer drives away happy, we make every effort to ensure they are treated with respect and receive the highest quality service in a timely manner and at an affordable price. Whether they need us to be a car paint shop, give their vehicle a tune up or serve as a collision center Houston residents and business people know they can always depend on our staff to do our very best to meet their automotive needs and always be polite, courteous, friendly and professional and treat them right. 

We Stand Behind Our Work 

We guarantee all our work will be of the highest quality. If any customer is not satisfied with our auto body, engine repair, welding, air conditioning, glass, wheel or electrical services, we will work to make it right. We are honored that people trust us to not only serve as their collision repair shop and car paint shop, but to also help with their insurance claims to ensure they are treated fairly. That makes us willing to go the extra mile to ensure that each and every customer is satisfied with our work and our prices fit within their budget. 

If you live or do business in Houston and need any type of services for your automobile, give us a call today. Our staff will be glad to work on your vehicle and have it looking and running like new.

Cho’s Auto Body Shop

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to give us a call!


Customer Testimonials

I’ve been a customer of Cho’s Auto Body Shop for over 15 years. From the first time I did business with him to the most recent, Young Cho has been honest, fair, efficient and timely. Young and his staff of highly trained mechanics and body workers do a fantastic job with my vehicles each and every time I bring them in. I recently had the strut replaced in my Volvo and my car runs more smoothly than ever. Young quoted me a price and a time of completion and he was able to honor both. This is how Young keeps me as a loyal customer. My wife had a fender bender in her BMW Z3 and we had to replace the hood and a headlight. Even having to order the hood from California, Young was still able to make the aggressive timeline he set for his staff. The car came back looking better than ever. His crew even did unsolicited touch up pain on nicks and dings without additional charge.
Cho’s Auto Body Shop offers great service at a great price. They are meticulous, thorough, and always deliver on time. I recommend Cho’s Auto Body Shop to anybody that needs any type of car repair - large or small.
— Chris Lonsford
By far, the most accommodating mechanic/body work shop I have had to go to. It’s never fun to need to go to the mechanic because your vehicle is having issues or got in a wreck, but these guys make that experience as pain free as possible. They made sure I had everything I needed, cleaned my car, inside and out and took very good care of it. They knew I was paying out of pocket for a rental so they let me have my car back when it was drive-able and let me know when the part was available that they hadn’t yet put on so I can just drop by and get it installed. I was incredibly surprised with how quickly they got everything done, they have a great warranty on their work, and I can not recommend them enough. Wonderful people!

Thanks Cho’s!!
— Courtney Pray
I enjoyed working with this company and the people. They were very helpful and answered all of my questions with patience. They did great work on my Toyota and the area of damage looks like new. Plus they completed the work in about half the projected time. And to top it all off they washed and vacuumed my car, which was a nice touch.

If you need some body work done on your car or truck then I would highly recommend this shop. They are top notch.
— Raymond Campbell

Founded by Kyu Bo Cho in 1984, Cho's Auto Body stands for honesty, integrity, attention to detail, a commitment to quality, but above all, customer satisfaction.